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Thriving After The Sales Conference

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Like many of you, I have attended a lot of sales conferences, personal development seminars and classes.  I have been blessed to have witnessed the wild success and tragic failures of the “The Day After” as an Originator, Recruiter, Manager and Student.

As I drove home from the airport after my most recent sales conference, I sensed the edge gently peal away from my zeal.  I passed by the office and started thinking about the e-mails piled up, the CRM work I have to do the operations roll outs for next week. The clear view of my conference commitments seemed to slip from a perfect 10 to an 8.    

I arrived home and shared an amazing bottle of wine and broke bread with Kelly and explained what I learned.  I felt a little silly trying to re-create the emotions I felt during the powerful keynotes as she stared at me 100% supportive but a little confused by my ranting.

I fell asleep at an imperfect 7.

Our lives, our rhythm, our patterns and our habits provide formidable resistance to change.   It is really easy to envision the adjustments you need to make to achieve your goals while sitting next to a pool or in a hotel bar surrounded by like minded people with the same mission.   The challenge then is carrying enough of that energy forward to implement one or two things.  Why only one or two? One new keystone habit will ripple through your entire life and open the door to create lasting change.   You now have a roadmap, you can’t do it all at once, but you have seen it, you can do it.

1)  Your notes hold power for years to come.   Review them TODAY and every few days for the next week.   Set a calendar item and block 2 hours 30 days from now to review them again.   Set a second calendar item for January 2nd to review them again.   Handwritten notes have the power to bring you back to the moment of discovery effortlessly.   Last week I reviewed my notes from a seminar I attended in 2001 and I read them and heard the speakers lecture. I use Evernote and scan my pages and retype the key takeaways. They live forever.

2)  Write down in a NEW document, the things you are committed to doing.  Lock it in on a piece of paper from your current space in your current place.

3)  Find an accountability partner.   External partners work best.  Find someone who can bring their experiences to the table.  

4)  Give yourself permission to block out 90% of what you heard.  Do the ONE thing.  You won’t lose the rest, I promise, it will be there when you are ready.

5)  Start immediately.  The longer you wait the less likely you are to achieve.

You are unique.  You have to work within your strengths.   There is no way I am getting up at 2:30 AM…. I am not going to become a VA expert…. and I don’t live in Oklahoma or Texas.  You and your market are unique.  The only thing that matters is being better than the you of yesterday.  Build your plan, work your plan.  Be the best you.

What is your best tip for implementing after a sales conference?

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