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Find Inspiration On Your Team – Captain Sean Parnell

Wow, what a powerful leadership presentation from Captain Sean Parnell the first night of Sales Mastery 2013.   There were a couple of things that really resonated with me.  Especially, a reminder that leaders set the example for their teams.

Leaders Set The Example 

We must “lead from the front”.   If we expect our team to return every call, show up on time, have integrity around their commitments or be accountable, we must model those behaviors.  Many leaders take loyalty for granted.  Our “mandate to lead comes from the team.”  Your title may make you a manager, it doesn’t make you a leader.

Find Inspiration On Your Team

Most of us seek inspiration externally and we fail to realize that we have amazing stories of bravery and valor right in front of us.   The single mom that shows up on time, takes care of business and manages her household.   The salesperson who has fought and survived cancer.  The people who win despite the odds.

I realize that I don’t always set the example to earn the mandate from my team.  I sometimes find myself doing the things I coach people out of.    I think this perspective can give us additional motivation practice what we preach… or at least what we expect.  The incentive is high, become the leader you wish to be.

I am blessed to be surrounded by stories of inspiration.   Partners For A Cure, our non-profit has raised over 700K in the fight against blood cancers.   I am surrounded by powerful producers that succeed despite their health challenges and strong single moms.

Who inspires you on your team?

Sean Parnell is an Army Ranger, combat infantryman with the elite 10th Mountain Division, and veteran of 485 days of fierce fighting along the Afghan-Pakistan border, Captain Sean Parnell’s unique leadership skills welded his platoon into one of the most fierce and effective American fighting units in modern military history.  Read Sean’s book Outlaw Platoon for an amazing view inside his group of elite warriors.

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