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Courage in the Mortgage Trenches

Courage isn’t always about walking into a burning building or quitting your corporate job to sell stuff on E-bay. Sometimes it is facing a challenge head on, making the right decision in a split second or speaking up. This week, some great people brought some everyday courage to their big transition.

Miriam Webster defines courage as follows: “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Most of us associate courage with our heroes, the ones that wear badges and protect our way of life. Motivational speakers help you summon courage from deep within to make a big life change. This week I was inspired by a more subtle form of courage. The courage that a team experiences when they trust their leader.  It is not easy, it is not often acknowledged, but it is awesome. Here’s some ways to have courage in the mortgage trenches:

The Big Move

This week the Nextview family welcomed the Char Ruppel Team to our network. He made the big move, the ones that Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins talk about. He went from top producing salesperson to an owner. That took serious courage and paved the way for his team to shine.  

Courage in the Trenches

Char’s team came with him not knowing what to expect. When you change companies, regardless of the story you heard, everything changes. There is good stuff and challenging stuff. Business doesn’t stop because you don’t know how to transfer your phone yet. In the face of change, there are three things that this team executed on and had a positive impact.    1)  Lean into the Challenges

From the moment they made a move the team leaned in. If there was work to do, everyone jumped to do it. A client needed a call?  There was a footrace to the phone.  Tough news was delivered as quickly and efficiently as good news. There was no elephants in the room. There was no lingering stress, everything got handled immediately. It is a courageous mode of operating that saves time, saves energy and produces raving fans.  

2)  Make The Right Decision In The Moment

It is easy to get frustrated during a transition. It is easy to lay the blame at the feet of those around you. Courage lies in taking responsibility and managing your personal reaction. This crew could have thrown their hands in the air and pointed finger plenty of times, but the chose instead to work together. When you experience stress, you have a moment where YOU CHOOSE your thoughts, your thoughts drive your emotional response, and that dictates your state. Being courageous is making the right decision for your team by choosing a positive reaction, solving the problem and staying focused.      3)  Assume Nothing

Our industry is held together by amazing people doing great work every day. One of the things that I admire about this group is that no one makes assumptions. They don’t assume things are handled, they ask instead. The team doesn’t assume systems work a certain way, they ask. They don’t assume that someone is going to come by and magically fix their issue, they handle it. “The reality is that other people will rarely care as much about our needs and desires as we do.” @margiewarrell.  This team has the courage to use their voice in the midst of uncertainty.    The courage in the trenches this week was inspiring and is an excellent template for teams everywhere. Lean in, make the right decision, and assume nothing. Three simple things that make a world of difference for the Char Ruppel Team and can do the same for you.

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