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4 Reasons to Pick Up the Penny

Mastering your destiny can start with something simple. While jogging the other day, I saw  a penny. It reminded me of a book by Stuart Wilde, The Trick To Money Is Having Some. One takeaway was to never, under any circumstances walk by a penny.  I still pick them up. I want to tell you why.

I grabbed the penny, 1989, the year of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. I put it in my pocket and kept running. Later that week, the same penny got my attention as it rattled in my dryer.  At that moment, I decided I should write down the reasons I still pick up pennies.

1)  Active Learning in History, Politics, and Math

As a Father, I am always looking for ways to share ideas and stories. Coins give you that opportunity.  There are American leaders on the heads side of all coins. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln is in the Wrestling Hall of Fame? Landmarks and symbols decorate the backs. Pop quiz: what’s on the back of a penny? The year minted holds secrets of the coin’s journey. Coins can also be used for real life math games. All ways of learning that are more fun than a  textbook.

2)  Be An Example

Many books talk about an abundance mindset. I know people that pay to go to many seminars a year espousing vision boards and positive affirmations yet fail to call back leads on time. They walk right by the coins in the street.  I think that you noticing a penny in that moment is part of your journey.  Pick the damn thing up. You start the conversation by setting the example.  Your journey to abundance just may start with that moment.  

3)  Luck

The ancients believed that metals were gifts from the gods delivered for their protection. Who am I to argue? Today, people refuse to pick up a penny that isn’t heads up. If you are in that camp, you should flip the penny over so the next person gets lucky.  

But, for my money, I pick up the penny.  Ever notice how the same people keep getting “lucky”. Well, luck exists at the confluence of preparedness and opportunity.  You landed in the same place in the universe as this shiny coin at this moment.  Sounds lucky to me.

4)  Money Is Important

Like it or not, money is a symbol.  The healthy neither covet nor fear money, but understand it is a tool.  Regardless of your philosophical belief, it is a powerful force for good and evil.

Stuart Wilde is a colorful character since he started this for me, I will leave you with his words…. “Money is a symbol of that life force, of its appreciation. Money can be a solidified form of love. Through the transfer of money, we facilitate love and communication with other humans. It offers us a simple system of providing for and loving and nurturing ourselves, and it is one way of expressing generosity and kindness for the less fortunate.” 

Pick up the penny.  Say thank you.  Go close the deal.

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