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3 Reasons Every Salesperson Should Work Out At Lunch

Exercise is an essential element to a properly functioning sales and marketing pro. Let’s face it, most of us are type A, high D, extrovert types that have more energy than a 4 yr old on a can of Coke (which I don’t condone, but it paints the required picture). For many years I have been a morning workout guy, meaning, if it didn’t happen first thing, it didn’t happen.

The problem is that “it happened” a lot less after kids. So, after cleaning up my old dialogue and re-structuring my morning routine, I have come to appreciate one or two good lunch workouts a week. I wanted to share with you a couple of the benefits I have discovered from mixing it up.

1. Mindfulness when you need it most. Lets face it, sometimes the day gets away from you. The rush of urgency overwhelms your process. Some days productivity just drops off a cliff. Even when I am focused and getting it done, a few moments of mindful reflection during a hard workout is powerful. The meditative act of moving weight, running, or a lunch yoga practice is medicine and gets you back on track.

2. Give yourself a second shot at the first impression. One of the things I like the most is that after my noon workout, I have another chance to do that one thing I failed to do that morning. The thing I should have done. The thing that other things hinge on. You know the one. Second chances are wonderful.

3. Shine a bright light on your business blind spots. Remember, life is about balancing, not balance. Just when you think you have your stuff all figured out, something smacks you upside the head.  Leaving your desk for an hour and a half with no/limited cell phone is a sure fire way to find the blind spots in your business. How many messages are stacked up?  Are you the only one that can solve certain problems? Is your team afraid of making decisions without you? Every time you turn your phone back on, it holds opportunity.

A couple of tips from my personal experience:  

It’s OK to go quick. Lots of science behind High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Sweat’s not that big a deal. Don’t be such a baby… or be a baby, get some baby wipes and get cleaned up. I find that it helps if I drink a huge glass of ice water to bring my core temp down so I can go back to work sweat free.

Turn the phone off. Seriously, as long as you can, (see above).

Finally, any movement is good movement. Go take a walk and focus on clearing your mind of all work related stuff for 20 minutes. It is amazing the solutions I find hidden in the walk around the block or quick two miles at lunch. Go get some and let me know how it goes.

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