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Why You? 

By Jesse Passafiume

Has anyone ever asked you directly, "Why would I use you?" It happened to me a long time ago and I failed the test.  

The relationship based mortgage and real estate pro needs a strong personal brand now more than ever. Whether in person or digitally, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and secure the appointment.  

This book is the result of years of helping mortgage planners define their personal super powers and aligning those with the needs of their clients. Move your business forward and buy the book. 

4 Steps To The Ultimate Elevator Pitch

The cornerstone of any business is the answer to the question, why me? This book will walk you through a simple, four step process to define what sets you apart. Don't settle for your companies generic marketing language. Take control of your digital and face to face handshake.  

Part 1 - Know Your Client

We all have a general idea what our Clients need. The question is are you solving a problem or THE problem. 

Part 2 - Know Your Platform

You can't actually sell ice to Eskimos. How does your current company contribute to your UVP?

Part 3 - Know Thyself

Do you know your UVP Superpower? Use DISC to understand how to differentiate yourself at a behavioral level. 

Part 4 - Put It Together

How do you combine Client needs, your platform and your superpower to add real value? 

“Two out of three buyers researched prospective agents extensively online prior to working with them.” – Google

Is Your Unique Value Reflected Online? 

Digitization Must Have

You are researched online more than ever before. The foundation of a digital handshake that converts is a rockstar elevator pitch. When you look at your company web page, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook page do they line up? Do they tell a compelling story? 

Workbook Included 

Reading is one thing, but the magic is in the doing. The 3 page workbook walks you through the 4 step process to easily create an elevator pitch for your first impressions in person and online. 

"Building a personal brand has always been improtant, now it is an imperative. Mortgage Pros need to clearly articulate why someone should use them and make it part of their face to face and digital handshake. Clearly defining your perosnal superpower is the single most powerful thing you can do for your business."

“Nextview's Unique Value Proposition process gave me the language I needed to differentiate myself online and face to face. My clients know what I 'm about before I meet with them."

Ryan R. - Branch Manager


You can wait and you probably won't come back, which is no big deal. Or you can buy now for $10 and be on your way. Worst case, you get one tip that changes your perspective and helps you land one more referral partner. What is the lifetime value of one referral partner? 

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