The February Funk

Don't Let it Kill Your 2017 Plan

Summary: The February Funk is real. Doing the work comes after the grand vision of December’s plan. Here’s three things you can do to make sure you stay on track: 1) Review your plan every Monday, 2) Focus on the small stuff and 3) Toss the stuff that doesn’t fit.

December found my newsfeed littered with business planning inspiration and exuberant sales managers encouraging you to kill it in 2017.  If you are like most entrepreneurs, the end of January results in a reality check. It comes in the form of the daily grind and habits decades in the making. Your big plans for 2017 seem just a bit grandiose, and your business plan lies beneath a stack of far more significant paper.

One Habit: How No Lead Left Behind Can Double Your Production [Repost]

Summary: One habit can double your production in the next 12 months.  A defined No Lead Left Behind process forces you to prioritize, increases your conversion rate, builds future pipeline and gives you a real value proposition.  

The keystone holds the arch up. Without it, the entire structure is compromised. With it, you can build the production team of your dreams. Running a successful business is an art and science: the science is discovering the right thing, and the art is making a habit of doing it every day. 

Charles Duhigg said that “there’s nothing you can’t do if you get the habits right.” Establishing one habit creates a trickle down effect. It creates systematic improvement in your entire business. What if I told you there’s one habit that when turned into a business discipline will double your business in the next 12 months? The No Lead Left Behind habit can do exactly that. 

Handling Busy Part 2


Rather than a badge of honor, busyness is often in direct conflict with productivity.  When you’re busy, you confuse motion for progress. gives 20 additional reasons to not be proud of your busyness. What do you do when the length of your to-do list is rivaled only by the length of your call back list?  

Handling Busy Part 1


You have no idea how busy I am.  If you are like me, hearing that grates a nerve deep inside you.

Of course you know how busy I am! Like most professionals, you’re just as busy. In our lives the demands often overwhelm the number of hours we allocate and we are forced to manage tradeoffs. Fortunately, (or unfortunately), we all have the same 8,765 hours in a year to achieve the lofty goals we set in December. You have the same amount of time as Bill Gates and (insert name of person you think is killing it here).  

Execution – The Art Is In The Doing

You know what to do. When pressed, you know exactly what your business needs.  I had a business coach that started and sold companies while he served on boards and worked 30 hours a week. He always knew what to do. What most annoyed me about our relationship was that he refused to tell me what to do.  He often told me, “You have certainly attended a seminar or have had a co-worker that knows the answer to this, what is it?” I would then frustratingly cycle through my experiences until I could tell him exactly what I needed to do. 

Like you, I attend seminars, read blogs, connect with my peers, and consume the latest business books. I accumulate a vast store of information. I share these great ideas with my coach. His response was predictable, “Great, show me.” Many times, I find I am still not executing consistently enough on the great ideas.  

Using Simple Rules To Build Your Team

Some producers have cracked the generating business code. It is a tough one.  It takes a lot of hard work, a bit of eccentricity and persistence. Those that land at the top of the mountain report the view is good, but it is lonely.

The reality is that the skills you employed to earn Top Dog status become liabilities at scale. Your brilliant “on the fly” and “solopreneur” decision models impact people, impact processes and impact your growth. One underutilized management tool in the world of top performing real estate pros is the simple rule. Before you jump to the conclusion that this is the most ridiculous blog post ever penned, hear me out.

3 Reasons Every Salesperson Should Work Out At Lunch

Exercise is an essential element to a properly functioning sales and marketing pro. Let’s face it, most of us are type A, high D, extrovert types that have more energy than a 4 yr old on a can of Coke (which I don’t condone, but it paints the required picture). For many years I have been a morning workout guy, meaning, if it didn’t happen first thing, it didn’t happen.

The problem is that “it happened” a lot less after kids. So, after cleaning up my old dialogue and re-structuring my morning routine, I have come to appreciate one or two good lunch workouts a week. I wanted to share with you a couple of the benefits I have discovered from mixing it up.

Four Things You Can Do to Keep Up With Changing Real Estate Technology

At Inman Connect San Francisco last July, Mr. Inman stood on stage and declared that $1.4 billion in institutional money had been invested in RE technology since the start of 2014. He then introduced 30 real estate tech startups. The amount of information and innovation was staggering. One thing is clear – The times, they are a changin’.

Any one idea can change the game completely. What does that mean for you? Billions of dollars are being spent to replace Realtors and Loan Officers with intelligent widgets. If you aren’t paying attention, it is to your peril. The upside is that I don’t believe we will be replaced completely (at least not all of us).  The reality is far more nuanced and those capable of evolution will continue to win.   With that in mind, I outlined the four things I do to keep up with RE tech.    

Handling Busy Part 2

The Four Things You Can Do Today

Rather than a badge of honor, busyness is often in direct conflict with productivity.  When you’re busy, you confuse motion for progress. gives us 20 additional reasons to not be proud of your busyness. What do you do when the length of your to-do list is rivaled only by the length of your call back list?