The February Funk

Don't Let it Kill Your 2017 Plan

Summary: The February Funk is real. Doing the work comes after the grand vision of December’s plan. Here’s three things you can do to make sure you stay on track: 1) Review your plan every Monday, 2) Focus on the small stuff and 3) Toss the stuff that doesn’t fit.

December found my newsfeed littered with business planning inspiration and exuberant sales managers encouraging you to kill it in 2017.  If you are like most entrepreneurs, the end of January results in a reality check. It comes in the form of the daily grind and habits decades in the making. Your big plans for 2017 seem just a bit grandiose, and your business plan lies beneath a stack of far more significant paper.

The Cost Of Perfection In Your Business

The law of diminishing returns states that all processes have a point at which further improvement does not translate into better results.  Perfectionism shows up as paralysis by analysis, over planning, or just good old fashioned procrastination. When we seek perfection in a process or system, it is often at the cost of revenue generating activities.  It is time to focus on progress, not perfection.