Execution – The Art Is In The Doing

You know what to do. When pressed, you know exactly what your business needs.  I had a business coach that started and sold companies while he served on boards and worked 30 hours a week. He always knew what to do. What most annoyed me about our relationship was that he refused to tell me what to do.  He often told me, “You have certainly attended a seminar or have had a co-worker that knows the answer to this, what is it?” I would then frustratingly cycle through my experiences until I could tell him exactly what I needed to do. 

Like you, I attend seminars, read blogs, connect with my peers, and consume the latest business books. I accumulate a vast store of information. I share these great ideas with my coach. His response was predictable, “Great, show me.” Many times, I find I am still not executing consistently enough on the great ideas.  The knowledge is meaningless without action. This behavior shows up everywhere in our business. We ask our team, “Hey, how many follow ups do you do on your leads in the first week?” They inevitably quote some great Insidesales.com study and tell me they make five multi-channel contacts in the first few days of receiving a new lead. Then we say the magic words that often melt these facades away to nothing…. “Show me”.

The game is won and lost on execution. Production rises and falls based on your ability to execute. There is an awesome book (isn’t there always) called Execution. Ram Charan tells us, “Execution is a systematic process of rigorously discussing hows and whats, questioning, tenaciously following through, and ensuring accountability.” The last part is key: Ensure accountability.  

So, instead of handing you more quotes and links or giving you a three step process for executing, I recommend one simple change: Find the one thing you know you need to do that will move the needle the most. Do that thing this week, next week, and the week after and watch your business explode.